Beautiful textiles in Hoa Tien village

Quy Chau is a land of “ruou can” (wine drunk out of a jar through pipes) and beautiful Thai’s dancers in a mountainous area…a land of famous brocade where you can easily find out on the brocade design the green of forest trees, pink & red of woodlands flowers, bright yellow of sunlight. You will also discover the love and passion of Thai’s women in their traditional weaving.

Brocade weaving of Thai’s people in Quy Chau has been existed for such a long time. The brocade products were originally made for the family needs and to use as dowry when girl comes to her husband’s house. All Thai’s girls and women know brocade weaving and embroidery, they usually make by themselves blanket, mattress, “Pieu” scarf,…. brocade is becoming an inseparable part in their physical and spiritual life.

Thai young girl from 6-7 years olds started getting familiar with cotton, weaving and started embroidery at the age of 12-13 years olds. Despite of hard work on the field, Thai women usually utilize their free time to work on their loom. Therefore, each design & pattern & color illustrate their love to work and homeland. The loom is simply made by bamboo and neohouzeaua but it help Thai’s women in making their necessary weaving items both for decoration and for usage. The tightness and softness of the brocade is adjusted precisely as brocade is totally hand weaving.

Their characters and the ages also reflected on their brocade products. The young Thai’s girl in love can not hide her sentiments through light & bright colors. The older women prefer deep colours with solid and meditative designs.

The brocade of Thai’s people in Quy Chau with courteous and plentiful designs has attracted attention of local and international customers. “Pieu” scarf is made on the traditional basic combined with modern designs, the nice handbag made of natural silk,…. are not only displayed in big cities such as Hanoi, Hochiminh but also exported to Japan, France, Belgium, Italy,… Especially, the distinguish natural dyeing technique from herb, flower, leaf, bark,… has made Quy Chau brocade ranked as high value added fashion.

Please visit Quy Chau – an old land of Phu Quy cultural belt where ancient Viet’s people lived thousand years ago – a place of natural favors such as immense forest and mountain along Hieu poetic river, mysterious caves, and numerous famous dazzling white waterfalls such as Tham Bua, Tham Om, Tat ngoi, Thac Dua,…. and also a place of weaver’s shuttle’s melody day by day

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