IOVOP Stories

The specialty coffee in Africa – Paradise of flavours

The African coffee is brewed and celebrated all around the world due to its rich and unique flavors that cannot be found anywhere else. Rich soils, perfect coffee harvesting climate, and skilled farmers ensure that the majority of the African coffee beans are the best quality and are classified as specialty grade.

Tien Phuoc Langsat Wine

Langsat Wine specialties of Nhat Linh (Tien Phuoc) Cooperative Group have been rated 4-star OCOP in 2018. In 2019 – 2020, the Cooperative Group has been continually improving product quality to 5-star, heading for exporting.

Traditional Lotus Weaving in Inle Lake, Myanmar

The whole process takes enormous intensive from weavers. After complex stages, weavers create beautiful lotus fabric with intricate designs. Unsurprisingly, the finest lotus products in Inle Lake are among one of the most precious textile products in the world.

Traditional Lacquerware in Myanmar

Myanmar Lacquerware has a very unique style and a long tradition dating back to the 13th Century and existing mainly at Bagan in central Myanmar. Bagan is the major center for the lacquerware industry where the handicraft is still practiced in the traditional manner.

Large firms and private groups help with OTOP marketing

Leading companies and private-sector associations are cooperating with the Commerce Ministry to draw up strategies to help connect OTOP (One Tambon, One Product) merchandise with their target consumer groups.

Thailand Creative and Design Center

Thailand Creative and Design Center was established by the Thailand Government in 2005 with the vision to obtain an impressive resource for designers and producers to create added values that could enhance the competitiveness in the domestic and international market.

Quang Ninh - More than a tourist attraction

With abundant and diversified marine resources and developed mining industry, Quang Ninh is considered as an economic focal point of the country. The movement of One Commune One Product aims to develop the traditional market.

Handicrafts in India

A special feature of handicrafts in India is the use of hands in all stages from material handling to the use of machines. Products can be everyday use or decorations. Product materials are usually from nature, industrially processed or recycled.

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