Member Benefits

By becoming a member, you are participating in and contributing to the efforts of the IOVOP important work to support local communities to achieve sustainable economic growth. As a member of the IOVOP, you have the opportunity to actively network and connect with fellow members from around the world, and gain relevant exposure for your commitment to OVOP development. We encourage you to take advantage of the various education and training opportunities available through the IOVOP, and to continue seeking knowledge and tools to improve the development of OVOP in your area.

Benefits of IOVOP Membership include:

Opportunities for members to collaborate and build a network of talented and committed experts and organizations in OVOP development around the world
Receive free monthly e-newsletter and quarterly e-magazine full of information related to global OVOP development, upcoming events, highlights from recent events and other opportunities for members.
Opportunity to participate in IOVOP training program classes, workshops, study tours, trade fairs... at a reduced member registration rate
Opportunities to access to educational materials on topics and issues related to OVOP development, know-hows, business sustainability practices, certification and standards.
Promote member's events, campaigns, and activities
Raise the profile of members through the IOVOP website, social media channels, and newsletters
Access and develop better market for OVOP products through business matching activities, trade fair participation…
Engage members in the development of national, regional or global initiatives
Attend the IOVOP global activities to network and learn/ share different concerns
Create joint projects with/between members and increase the potential to access funding
Use of the IOVOP logo subject to approval, for the promotion of OVOP at selected events
All members have the right to vote for the Regional Board in annual elections