Silk business in Cambodia: Struggles to survive

Silk weaving has been Khmer people’s tradition for centuries. Ancient Khmers raised silkworms and planted mulberry for silk production. In the past, women were taught about the importance of silk production and silk weaving as part of household chores. But today, for some reasons, farmers have stopped raising silkworms and have instead used imported silk.

Production process and Benefits of Korean red ginseng

The invention belongs to the technical field of research and development of health foods and relates to a processing process of Korean red ginseng honey slices. The Korean red ginseng honey slices have a bodybuilding function.

Demand for natural ingredients for health products in EU

Europe is a significant producer, exporter and consumer of pharmaceuticals. It is an important market for pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals and complementary and alternative medicine products.

Hemp plant pots

The specialty coffee in Africa – Paradise of flavours

The African coffee is brewed and celebrated all around the world due to its rich and unique flavors that cannot be found anywhere else. Rich soils, perfect coffee harvesting climate, and skilled farmers ensure that the majority of the African coffee beans are the best quality and are classified as specialty grade.