Support membered countries to promote OVOP products

According to the plan approved for 2020, IOVOP will support selected companies in the network to promote their OVOP products at different targeted markets through some market survey missions as well as trade fair participations. For the marketing mission,the selected companies will be supported for the travel in the visiting countries

Tsukemono - Famous Japanese pickles

Every continent and culture has their own style of pickle. In the United States and Canada there is the classic dill; in Germany there is sauerkraut; in nearby Korea there is kimchi. And while all of these examples in a way represent the culinary culture of those who eat them, it is much harder 

A booming organic sector

The 2018 edition of the study “The World of Organic Agriculture” (data per end of 2016) published by FiBL and IFOAM shows that the positive trend seen in the past years continues: Consumer demand for organic products is increasing, more farmers cultivate organically, more land is certified organic

Story of “Konohana Garten”

“Konohana Garten” is one of the most successful cases in Oyama town in Oita prefecture, Japan, which contributes to livelihood improvement of farmers, promotion of agriculture and activation of interaction between rural areas and urban areas. “Konohana Garten” is operated by Oyama town Agricultural Cooperative, which includes a farmer’s