Cultural Exchange Events

The OVOP-related cultural exchange activities play very important role in strengthening the co-operation between the membered countries. There are a wide range of activities under this category, including exhibitions, festivals, performances... of OVOP tangible and intangible products. It can be organized from country to country and is a great opportunity to promote OVOP products. IOVOP can play a role as a technical partner to organize or execute directly these events. Some specific cultural exchance activities are listed below, at either international, national or regional level.

Exhibition of OVOP products
Food & beverage festival
Street performance of local cultures
Artisanal light festival
Showcase of OVOP products
Art installation of OVOP products
Night market of OVOP products  
OVOP walking street

The activities can be organized from country to country. The membered countries should incorporate into the country plan in order to have better resources and plan for implementation.

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