Market Access

Market Access

Demand for natural ingredients for health products in EU

Europe is a significant producer, exporter and consumer of pharmaceuticals. It is an important market for pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals and complementary and alternative medicine products.

What trends offer opportunities or risks in the European coffee market?

The European coffee market is mature, but constantly evolving. Specialty coffees, single-serve methods and ready-to-drink coffees are growing in popularity. Sustainability remains a top priority for industry stakeholders. Buyers and retailers often use certification to promote their sustainability efforts.

The European market potential for leather bags

Europe is a strong market for leather bags with a total import value of €4.8 billion and a 5-year average growth of 9.7%. France and Italy are the most specialised import markets with the highest unit prices. Other large European leather bags markets include the United Kingdom, Germany, the Netherlands and Spain.

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