Special Study Tours

The OVOP products are very diverse and the level of development is quite different from country to country. In some countries, the resources for the development of OVOP product are available (e.g. material) but they are lack of information, lack of skill for new product development… The sharing of information, knowledge…among the OVOP countries play an important role in supporting each other to develop basing on the consistent principle of preserving the cultural identities of every country.  

Basing on the need of the membered countries and partners, IOVOP organizes the study tours to visit successful models in the network. The purpose of these tours are not only limited to the learning and sharing of the concerns, the possibility to create new products for learning countries but also to establish possible co-operation for mutual development between the countries. 

The tours are organized not only for the producers but also for the buyers who want to look for the products of the OVOP membered countries so that the market for OVOP countries can be established sustainably.

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