Consulting services

To support the development of global OVOP, IOVOP will cooperate with its partnered countries and select the excellent consultants to offer various consultancy services. The customer-centered and result-based approaches are always applied for all services of IOVOP. The following consulting services can be offered:

Mapping of OVOP potential and value chain analysis: The first important concern to develop OVOP at any country or /and its smaller administrative units is to identify its potential through mapping process and conduct analysis on the value chain of the products. IOVOP, with its great experience, is an ideal partner to carry out these activities.   

Identify of local resources: Identification of local resources to develop OVOP products is one of the most challenges in OVOP development. The resources can be human resources, raw materials, commodity, technology, local culture... The OVOP should give priority to the products that have strong local uniqueness with large market potential. Without a good utilization of competitive local resources in close connection with the market potential, the development of OVOP product is hard to succeed. 

Product design and development: IOVOP supports the creation of globally marketable products which embody people's pride in their product and cultural richness of their home villages. Together with local people, IOVOP experts will develop the "story" behind any product to attract consumer attention. Such local flavour will help add value to local products while the use of local human and material resources will help ensure economic activities remain sustainable.

Technology transferred and Cleaner production practices: With its comprehensive understanding on the international compliances, IOVOP can provide different technical solutions, trainings on cleaner and environmental-friendly production practices to meet those compliances. Some immediate examples are the application of cradle to cradle (C2C) production, the use of recycled materials, the application of sustainable designs… IOVOP can also introduce right machines and equipments to support for cleaner production practices 

Market development for OVOP products: IOVOP can link directly OVOP products with the network of global buyer through its well-developed marketing tools. IOVOP can help its partners to present them professionally and impressively at the international trade fairs at the lowest cost. IOVOP has also its own network of distribution, from the online shopping platform direct to the end-users or wholesale buyers to the retailed shops built within its membered countries. Only products that meet international compliances will be selected by IOVOP. All stories behind these products will be developed. 

Development and Promotion of community-based tourism: IOVOP can work with its partnered countries to identify local resources of community-based tourism. It can build capacity for all stakeholders in the value chain of community-based tourisms, develop impressive small infrastructures basing on the local culture, develop both tangible and intangible products to attract visitors… IOVOP can also support local community to promote local tourism professionally, both directly to the targeted customers and indirectly through the network of tour operators and partners. 

Inclusive business: Development of OVOP products is a great initiative to improve the livelihood for the low-income communities. IOVOP can utilize its global network to support with strategic consulting services throughout the inclusive business lifecycle, from the identification of the problems, finding the sweet spots where they can make a crucial difference, match their existing skills and assets with the needs of communities, crafting the business plan… to building more effective marketing approaches, crafting public-private partnerships… As a result of our works, the livelihood of the low-income communities will be surely improved sustainably.

Development and organization of cultural exchange activities: The OVOP-related cultural exchange activities play very important role in strengthening the co-operation between the membered countries. There are a wide range of activities under this category, including exhibitions, festivals, performances... of OVOP tangible and intangible products. It can be organized from country to country and is a great opportunity to promote OVOP products. IOVOP can play a role as a technical partner to organize these events.  

Master plan for OVOP development: IOVOP can work with the partnered countries to develop national master plans for OVOP development, targeting both domestic and international markets. Some specific national export strategies for certain OVOP product groups developed by IOVOP experts have been already approved by the leaders of the countries and implemented effectively.

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