Creative Media Productions

With the rapid development of the Industry 4.0, IOVOP has been producing different creative media programs in order to promote impressively craft villages and OVOP of different countries and regions through wide range of creative solutions, from virtual reality, video 360, augmented reality… Below are some creative media that can be produced by IOVOP:

Magazines and publications on craft villages, local specialties, OVOP
Documentary films, films on craft villages, films on OVOP
Website 360, website 360 panorama on craft villages, OVOP
Virtual craft village tours
Interactive videos on craft villages, OVOP
Video using augmented realty application
Publications using augmented realty application
Information gates on craft villages, OVOP using creative applications
Information kiosk on craft villages, OVOP at the tourism centers

I would like to join this program, please contact me as following: