Our People

Mr. Eko Prabowo

Eko is living in Jakata. He obtained his industrial design diploma in 1998. During almost 30 years of working experience, he has provide his design services for many companies in Indonesia. Eko’s products are very trendy and welcomed by international buyers at different trade fairs that his products exhibited, including High Point (USA), Milan (Italy), Koln (Germany) … Besides design expertise, Eko operated his own companies and he has gained lot of experiences in business. He is the regular trainers for many international organizations like CBI (the Netherlands), International Labour Organization, International Finance Corporation… on business development, market trend, brand development... Eko knows most of the OVOP products in Indonesia and has good knowledge on the OVOP products in the South East Asia. He speaks both Bahasa Indonesia and English.

Mr. Narathip Amtiengtrong

Narathip is Thai nationality living in Bangkok. He obtained his MBA in 2003 and he’s about to obtain his Ph.D. in Design Arts. Narathip is a top consultant and trainer in Thailand. He has been working as consultant since 1997 for many governmental organizations in Thailand, non-govermental organizations, business… in various fields, from Creative Tourism and Community-based Tourism (CBT), One Tambon One Product, Marketing and Branding for OTOP / Tourism and SMEs… Narathip is also a Part-time Lecturer and Special Guest Speaker in many Universities for MBA programs in Thailand. He’s also the author of many researches and articles, e.g. sustainable marketing, how to write a good marketing plan…Narathip speaks both English and Thai.

Ms. Hoang Thu Trang

Ms.Trang has obtained her Master on Business Administration at the Poitiers University in France. She has been working in the field of handicraft development and promotion of local specialties for many years. She’s good at French and in charge of promoting OVOP co-operation between Vietnam and the French-speaking countries, from the sharing of experiences, training, trade promotion, exchange of cultural activities. She’s also involved in the development of the international OVOP tours in Vietnam and French-speaking countries. 

Mr. Nguyen Phu Ha

Mr. Ha has been graduated from University of Western Washington (USA), majoring in International Business. He speaks English and has experience working for gift and decoration businesses in the US market, familiar with an international environment. Mr.Ha suppervises the daily works at the IOVOP office in Vietnam to provide neccessary supports and directions to the colleagues, to collect and provide timely services to the members. Mr.Ha is also in charge of the on-line trade promotion for the OVOP products from the member countries.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Anh

Ms. Anh has acquired her Master degree in Russian Language at Moskova. She is fluent with 3 languages, Russian, English and Vietnamese. With an excellent knowledge after many years working and living in Russia, she is now in charge of establishing relationship and development of the OVOP network with the Russian speaking countries...from the sharing of experiences, training, trade promotion, exchange of cultural activities. She’s also involved in the development of the international OVOP tours in Vietnam and Russian-speaking countries. 

Ms. Le Thi Hang

Ms. Hang has graduated with a Master Degree from Jean Moulin Lyon University (France) and is also holding a Bachelor degree in Financial Accounting of Hanoi University of Finance and Accountancy. She has been working at Vietnam Handicraft Exporters Association for nearly 10 years as a Chief Accountant. Besides in charging of daily financial tasks of the Association, Ms. Hang also takes part in managing the finance of International Projects (EU, JICA, SDC…), the National Trade Promotion Programs, national and international biddings. 

Mr. Doan Manh Cuong

Mr. Cuong has obtained an Economic Master degree at Mokpo National University of Korea. By acquiring experiences in different fields like marketing, consulting and project management, together with years of learning and living in Korean culture, he is now assigned mainly to be in charge of developing OVOP network with South Korea and North Korea, building a commercial and cultural network between Vietnam and Korea, at the same time, promoting the development of village tourism to Korean visitors. 

Ms. Naori Wakata

Ms. Naori Wakata was born and grew up in Japan. She has been working in Vietnam since 2015 and has been really impressed with the handicraft products of Vietnam as well as the villages throughout the country. She is in charge of developing business cooperation between IOVOP countries with Japanese market, from providing of market information, business matching... At the same time, Ms. Naori is also responsible for building the cooperation of craft-related cultural activities as well as craft villages tourism. 

Mr. Tran Manh Linh

Mr. Tran Manh Linh has obtained his Master Degree from Chongqing University – China. He is fluent in Chinese and with many years of experience living in China, he is assigned to co-ordinate in building an OVOP network with the partners in China, Taiwan, Malaysia…, from the sharing of experiences, training, trade promotion, exchange of cultural activities. He’s also involved in the development of the international OVOP tours in Vietnam and Chinese-speaking countries. 

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