Production process and Benefits of Korean red ginseng

Production process and Benefits of Korean red ginseng

The invention belongs to the technical field of research and development of health foods, and relates to a processing process of Korean red ginseng honey slices. The processing process is that 100 g of 5-year roots of fresh Korean ginsengs are chosen and cleaned; the cleaned fresh Korean ginsengs are sliced; the fresh Korean ginseng slices are stewed by a steamer; maltose, isomaltooligosacharide solution, Chinese date extracts, mulberry extracts and dark plum extracts are put in honey for heating and evenly stirring; the stewed Korean ginseng slices are dipped in the honey; the honey is drained off; the Korean ginseng slices dipped in the honey are stewed again by the steamer; the secondarily stewed Korean ginseng slices are dipped in the honey; the Korean ginseng slices dipped in the honey are dried to obtain the honey slices with surfaces not adhered to hands; the honey slices have proper hardness and softness for bagging or bottling. The Korean red ginseng honey slices have a bodybuilding function.

Background technology

Korean red ginseng system is processed through steaming, toasting by the Koryo garden ginsent that originates from Korea S, in processing Korean red ginseng process, has new anticancer active constituent to produce.Korean red ginseng is not cool not warm yet, belongs to warm nature; Though Korean ginseng is warm in nature, benefit property is strong, and beneficial gas helps fire.Korean ginseng divides again white ginseng and red ginseng, and insufficiency of the spleen hyperactivity of fire person should use white ginseng, because of " raw use gas is cool, micro-bitter tonifying yin "; The timid person of insufficiency of the spleen lung should use red ginseng, " ripe in temperature, the sweet yang-tonifying of taste ".On the whole, Korean ginseng is more suitable for the frank people of the old deficiency of vital energy and takes, and the strong physique of energy, strengthens immunity.

The effect of Korean red ginseng:

(1) Healthy brain: the people that failure of memory and sports coordination ability are declined and be on the drink or the food of contact zones alcohol component, the people of medicine, Korean red ginseng has and improves mental working ability, strengthens memory and improve the effect of cerebral ischemia obstacle

(2) Analgesia: some experts are by doing sensing nerve cell test discovery, and Korean ginseng is all helpful to the various pain symptoms of health.

(3) Anti-cancer: the saponin constituent of Korean red ginseng and non-saponin constituent has the proliferation activity that suppresses multiple cancer cells also can shift by inhibition cancer cell simultaneously. In addition, Korean red ginseng and anticancer are with taking, and anticancer effect is better (mitomycin). This is because cancer cell easily forms tolerance in the chemotherapy of tumors, and Korean red ginseng and anticancer be with taking, and enhancing is to the lethality of cancer cell, the side effect that alleviates anticancer.

(4) Strengthen immunity: Korean red ginseng extract can recover to have because of taking the cellular immunity that the anticancer (mitomycin) of immunotoxicity declines and react, especially ether extract can activate or strengthen cellular immunity, and the activity of NK, to improving immunity, there is very large effect.

(5) Control diabetes: Korean red ginseng contains the material that promotes insulin secretion and similar insulin action, and wherein ginsenoside can improve hyperglycaemia, effectively controls the generation of diabetes.

(6) Strong liver: have antihepatitic activity in Korean ginseng composition, there is the effect of removing toxic substances, protecting liver and promotion liver regeneration, recovery. In addition, Korean red ginseng relieves the effect of alcohol, eliminates the effect of being still drunk after a night in addition.

(7) Regulate blood pressure: Korean red ginseng has hemangiectasis effect, can improve blood circulation, saponin constituent wherein, by promoting vascular endothelial cell to discharge nitric oxide, can reach hypotensive activity.

(8) Antifatigue and resistance to compression: find after deliberation, continue to take Korean red ginseng and can improve locomotivity and fatigue-relieving, to promoting recovery and the prevention exercise-induced anemia of player's fatigue accumulation to have very great help; In addition, Korean red ginseng can also strengthen the tolerance to adverse environments such as low temperature (5 ℃, O ℃ ,-10 ℃) and high temperature (35 ℃), by pressure or environmental change are carried out to exquisite adjusting, improves anti-pressure ability, maintains organism stability.

(9) Improve Menopause obstacle: according to investigations, have the women of climacteric obstacle symptom after taking Korean red ginseng, have 80% of people admitting to take Korean red ginseng after symptom obviously improve. Expert claims, these women, as adjusted consumption according to symptoms, also can improve curative effect.

(10) Improve male sexual disfunction: Korean red ginseng can prevent the male sexual disfunction causing because of pressure. Through clinical testing, erectile dysfunction patient (90 people) takes after Korean red ginseng, at aspects such as the degree of erection, sexual desire and satisfaction, all make moderate progress.

(11) Anti-oxidant and anti-aging: Korean red ginseng has the antioxidant effect with lipid peroxidation that increases that suppresses harmful active oxygen.