Research & Development

Production process and Benefits of Korean red ginseng

The invention belongs to the technical field of research and development of health foods and relates to a processing process of Korean red ginseng honey slices. The Korean red ginseng honey slices have a bodybuilding function.

Rural development experience in Japan

Vietnam has been actively learning from Japanese sustainable and effective rural development policies. Though having some serious problems related to labour force and agricultural land, the government issued in-time policies to deal with those.

Creating Urban-Rural Connections to Preserve Traditions in Ageing Communities

Retail business, local producers and customers across Japan and even abroad all play important roles in establishing these connections between cities and rural areas. It only requires remembering that your daily choices have power. 

Critical Success Factors of OVOP

The Oita government and the Thai government have intended to promote various development policies which can be classified into four parts: Human resource development, Production promotion, Financial management and Marketing Promotion; however the implementation is rather different. 

Global tourism leaves a giant carbon footprint on planet

We all love to travel. Many of us do at any rate. We love to explore, discover new places, make new friends and get acquainted with cultures different from our own. It’s all harmless fun, after all. Or is it? No, no it's not. The carbon footprint of global tourism is large. 

Craft classics from Oceania Potential for future OVOP Movement

Welcome to the South Pacific, also known as Oceania. This is an island region from Australia's oldest continent to thousands of small islands scattered across the Pacific Ocean. Here, handmade items continue to be madein the traditional way.

Silk products and mulberry silkworm raising in Central Asian countries

Silk is preferred over other fabrics because of its natural luster, softness and rich colors. Silk in Central Asia is made from silkworms eating mulberry. Today, many people still use old mulberry growing methods without any changes in materials and tools.

Tsukemono - Famous Japanese pickles

Every continent and culture has their own style of pickle. In the United States and Canada there is the classic dill; in Germany there is sauerkraut; in nearby Korea there is kimchi. And while all of these examples in a way represent the culinary culture of those who eat them, it is much harder 

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