IOVOP Stories

Challenges of handicraft sector in Kenya

Kenya being the East Africa gateway and business hub, handicraft production is a major form of employment and constitutes a significant part of the national export economy. It has been suggested that there is an increasing number of small businesses turning to handicraft production and that this trend is unlikely to change significantly in the future

Brazilian Arts & Crafts

Brazilian culture has been influenced greatly by the Portuguese, Indians, Africans, Europeans and settlers from the Middle East and Asia. One of their main contributions can be seen in the beautiful and rich arts & craft markets spread throughout the country. Historically, handicrafts have received little recognition as an art form in Brazil.

The story of Onta Ceramic Village (小鹿田)

The first thing you will notice when you walk into the village, are the ancient style water-powered wooden hammers whacking away at piles of yellow clay. The thump-thump- thump of the hammers echoes through the entire valley, providing a unique soundtrack to your walk.

Irodori project in Kamikatsu town

Kamikatsu town is located in the mountains of Tokushima prefecture. It used to represent a typical depopulated rural town in Japan, where the population of 6,200 in 1955 has dropped to nearly 2,100 today, 46 per cent of which is over 65 years old. The Irodori project has succeeded

Leather Embroidery in Pakistan

In Pakistan, Lehri Sibi is the exclusive hub of Leather Embroidery. A limited number of artisans work in remote villages, most of them traditionally linked with businesses. Many artisans have learnt these skills from their parents and forefathers. They chiefly prepare embroidered Chappals

Homeland of Bamboo and Rattan

Since a long time ago, the Vietnamese have had engraved within their mind the image of a tranquil countryside having a banyan tree, river shore, green bamboo, thatched cottage, and a wooden bell of a pagoda during a sunset. Vietnam is a country of bamboo and rattan

Oyama Town – The origin of global OVOP

Although initiated formally in the late 70s by Governor Hiramatsu , the idea of the OVOP-type movement was very much deep rooted in at least some parts of the prefecture, well before its formal commencement. After WWII, Japan faced a serious food shortage since large numbers of people, especially the young , began to migrate from rural areas to the big urban 

The unspoken language of Lao weaving patterns

Visiting Dien Bien, a beautiful province in the Northwest of Vietnam, the visitors will be greatly impressed by how unspoiled the mountain was and with the folk songs, dances and the traditional crafts of the local people. Among these crafts, brocade weaving of Lao’s people in Na Sang

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