Supporting OTOP to help community entrepreneurs across Thailand

Supporting OTOP to help community entrepreneurs across Thailand

It is undeniable that the Covid-19 pandemic has been causing economic recessions around the world, including Thailand where manufacturers, OTOP entrepreneurs and tourism communities are most severely affected.

The Community Development Department (CDD), Ministry of Interior, realizes it is its first priority to help rescue OTOP entrepreneurs and community manufacturers amid the outbreak as they are the significant drivers at the bottom of the economic pyramid.

CDD, therefore, initiated an online trading system and shopping platform to bring up entrepreneurs across Thailand to sell products online at WWW.OTOPTODAY.COM. The website gathers OTOP products from every province followed by product and shop contact details, including links to connect customers directly to entrepreneurs. CDD has also opened an official Facebook group, namely “OTOP TODAY ฝากร้านขายของ” for entrepreneurs and customers to join, promote and make online delivery-to-doorstep orders at 24/7.

Moreover, CDD has newly hired 237 online marketers at central and provincial CDD offices across the country to help support OTOP entrepreneurs’ online marketing which is the main trading stream for customers nowadays. This will increase OTOP sales revenues and create more employment in every Thai community. The online marketers also focus on “Live” selling activities in online channels as recently it has been difficult for OTOP entrepreneurs to sell products in offline marketplaces. This will also alleviate the recession impact and move entrepreneurs to the digital marketplace. CDD also collaborates with OTOP Traders to promote community products from across the country at its Bangkok office by airing Facebook Live at “OTOP TODAY โอทอปทูเดย์” page, 12.00 – 13.30 hours every day. The live programme offers a wide range of mustn’t-miss OTOP products with hot promotions. Customers can place orders for delivery service to their doorstep while helping community entrepreneurs during the pandemic.